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Follow the directions below to sign into a managed Apple ID on iPad. Apple IDs for staff use the same account ( and password as their primary email address.

Step-by-step Guide

Open Settings and tap on Sign in to your iPad.

Enter your school email address - - and password. Tap Next to sign in. Apple will identifying the Apple ID as managed by Shakopee Public Schools and redirect to a Microsoft sign in window. Select "Work or school account" and then continue signing into your account.

You will see your name and email address when you sign in successfully.

Managed Apple IDs are not commerce enabled. This means you can't "purchase" either free or paid apps in the App Store. Sometimes teachers want to test out an app before requesting it be added to Self Service.

You can be signed into iCloud and the App Store with different Apple IDs. Sign in with a personal Apple ID when you want to install an app through the App Store.

Personal Apple IDs follow the format Either you renamed an existing Apple ID to during managed managed Apple ID migration, or you don't have a personal Apple ID. 

Go to to register a new Apple ID with if you don't already have one.

Open the App Store and tap on the profile icon in the top right hand corner. Sign in with a personal Apple ID. You can now purchase free or paid apps through the App Store.

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