iPadOS 13 is now available for our students and staff to install!

One question that people often have when new updates drop is; should I update or wait? The answer for all school-provided devices is yes! Updates are blocked until it is deemed that they are ready for everyone to use. As of the writing of this blog post, iPadOS is at 13.2.2 so many of the bug fixes that were included in 13.0 have been fixed. And because apps get updated in order to work with the latest operating system, it is advisable to keep your iPad up to date.

Now that we have that out of the way, what are the new things that you might want to know? Below are a few highlights. For a really deep dive, check out this video.


In the past, when you visited a website using Safari on your iPad, you were sent to the mobile version of a website by default. No longer! When you go to a website, you will be viewing the desktop version from now on. A few examples of how that impacts us are that you can edit Google Docs directly in Safari, websites look more like they do on your MacBook, “new” Google Sites is editable on iPads, and many other websites will act as if you’re on your MacBook. Another feature that was added is a downloads manager. This is awesome because you are able to download files from websites such as YouTube Audio Library to get royalty-free music or image/video sites such as Pexels to get video footage for green screen projects. (And for our Middle School students, FlexTime Manager works flawlessly when trying to register for a session. No more glitches!)



Opening two apps into Split View has been available for awhile now. iPadOS 13 adds the ability to have two windows of the same app open side-by-side. For example, if you want to view two different websites in Safari, now you can! Another feature that was added is called Slide Over. It can be used to glance at other apps like Reminders or Calendar and it can also be used to drag and drop images and files into other apps.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is all the rage these days in the tech world. When you turn Dark Mode on, many apps will display white text on a black background or just have a generally darker appearance. Dark Mode does save on battery life on your device and is better on your eyes than turning the brightness down to save battery. To turn it on, open Settings and tap on Display & Brightness. You can turn it to Light, Dark, or Automatic. Automatic will change you to Dark Mode from sunset to sunrise or whatever schedule you want. You can also add Dark Mode as a button in the Control Center. Click here to learn how to add buttons to your Control Center.

Photos and Videos

There are a number of great editing features now available. Probably the most useful feature is that you can now crop a video and straighten it. This helps if the video you recorded has a little too much in the background or it was shot on an uneven surface. There are also a number of photo features and updates. Check them all out in the video below.


You can now install Fonts on your iPad. They don’t work system wide, but they do display in a number of apps such as Keynote, Pages, Notability, etc. We currently don’t have any apps for students to use but teachers can install apps using the App Store. Some apps to check out are iFont, Font Diner, and Fonts. To learn more about how to use fonts, check out this guide.

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