Winter is coming! This means that it is about time to start planning for potential Connected Learning Days (CoLD). This blog post is your one-stop shop for all your CoLD-related resources. Be sure to check out the videos and directions below and explore the "Additional Resources" linked over on the right.

Note that this is intended for secondary staff as elementary staff have a different level of expectations.

Here’s a quick overview of getting set up for a Connected Learning Day:

  1. Import the CoLD home page template from Canvas Commons.

  2. Create your assignment and link it to our home page.

  3. Set your CoLD home page as the home page for your course before the school day official starts.

This video will walk you through every set up step or you can see the written directions below.

Import the CoLD Home Page template from Canvas Commons. Open Canvas, click on the Commons button on the left, and then search for Cold home page. Click Import/Download and check the box next to the courses you want to import the template into.

Edit the template to include your course title and name. Enter your email and press the space bar after it so it is hyperlinked.

Create your assignment. It is recommended that you make a Module and include all of the CoLD Assignments that you use throughout the winter. Link the assignment to your home page so it is easy for students to find exactly what they should be working on. To link an assignment to your home page, highlight text on your home page and then use the Links menu on the right to link to other items in your course. If you are looking for some fun ideas for CoLD activities, check out this blog post and scroll down to "Inspirational CoLD Lesson Ideas."

Winter 2019, you will see a significant change to the Rich Content Editor (the place where you type your directions in Pages, Quizzes, Discussions). Check out this video for a detailed walkthrough.

When a Connected Learning Day is announced, change your course home page to the CoLD home page. Open your course, click "Choose Home Page," and select to use your "Pages Front Page." Click on "Change" to find the correct home page you will need for that day.

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