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Creating Outlook Calendar Meetings

Why is this a great tool? 

Outlook Calendar is great for organizing appointments, meetings and overall schedule.  Appointments are for your own use, and meetings are for inviting someone else. Both will fill spots on your calendar.

How do I use it?

Creating Meetings

Click on the Calendar icon towards the bottom of your screen.

Click on the Meeting Icon on the top, left of your screen.

Fill in the subject for what the meeting is about.

Next, invite the person or people you would like to, under To:

If you want to see if the person/people is available, click on the Scheduler icon.   The schedule of the person whoever you wanted will show up. The scheduler will show if that person is busy or not during the proposed meeting time. 

Be sure to fill out the correct, day and time.

Just like appointments, you can go to Recurrence to invite someone to a meeting that might be daily, weekly, or monthly.  See step #5 under Appointments.

When ready, push send, and it will invite the intended person/people.  The meeting will then show up in your calendar.

Accepting/Declining/Propose New Meeting Times

  1. You will receive an email, when someone has invited you to a meeting.  Simply click on that email and you will have options on accepting or declining the meeting.  With either option, you can add comments if you would like to. Proposing a new time is a good option so the other person knows what times you are available.