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How to Use Outlook Calendar- Appointments

Why is this a great tool? 

Outlook Calendar is great for organizing appointments, meetings and an overall schedule.  Appointments are for your own use, and meetings are for inviting someone else. Both will fill spots on your calendar.

To make an appointment

Click on the Calendar icon towards the bottom of your screen.

 Click on the Appointment icon on the top, left of your screen.  

Type in the subject and location if you would like.  Set the day, by clicking on the calendar icon.

Some people like to use different colors for categories.  For example, orange is for parent meetings, and blue are for staff meetings.  By clicking on this option, it will show up in that color on your calendar.  

 5. Using the Recurrence option, you can set appointments that happen on the same day each week, month or even everyday.

6.  Just use the drop down arrow for how often the appointment repeats.  Select the days that it occurs on. Be sure to click on the start and end dates.  Then, just select the start, end time and duration. Press OK.