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Summer is a restorative time for educators. We’ve put in a lot of work over the course of the school year and summer serves an essential purpose of helping refuel and reinvigorate us. When the school year ends, we are suddenly relieved of the daily pressures of planning and delivering lessons, attending IEP meetings, supervising hallways, and the 7,000 other things we accomplish in it day. Summer can be a great time to think about how we can get even better at our craft and reflect on struggles we’d like to avoid next year.

Professional Reading - Books and Blogs

There are so many great books out there! After you reread Harry Potter for the ninth time this summer, what book are you going to pick up? We would like to hear from some of you. Share your favorite book suggestions to the Padlet below. Don’t have time for a book? Reads some blogs or listen to podcasts!


Am I the only person addicted to podcasts? Podcasts are great because you can be doing something else while you listen such as driving, exercising, yard work, or chilling at the beach! There are so many great educational podcasts out there. They can teach you about your subject area in greater detail, edtech, teaching strategies, and creative ideas you’ll be excited to try out with your students. Here is a list of some great educational podcasts. Post your favorites in the Padlet below!

Professional Development Opportunities

Attending conferences and professional development sessions can be another great way to learn. And without the pressure of students coming into your room the next day, summer gives us time to digest, reflect, and implement our summer learning from conferences. If you find something to attend, it is possible that your building has available professional development funds. Budgets are tight but it never hurts to ask if your administrator can pay for your registration.

SORLA - June 17th-20th

MNCodes Scratch Camp - June 19th and 20th

Bloomington’s Student Centered Showcase - June 18th

Powerful Learning Conference - August 7th

Southwest Metro Professional Development - August 12th-15th

Twitter Chats and Hashtags

Twitter is still very active in the summer. New edtech tools get released or updated, blogs are posted, and Twitter Chats (live discussions on Twitter) are happening all the time. Check out this website for a schedule of Twitter Chats and resources on how to engage with them. You can also follow Twitter hashtags for summer conferences such as #ISTE19 for the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn from others on Twitter!

Facebook Groups

For those of you that are avid Facebook users, there are tons of great Facebook groups out there where you can learn about specific topics in education. Facebook's notifications make it a much easier conversation to follow as well. Join some groups and share your favorites in the Padlet below!

Fishbowl - A Safe Online Network for Teachers

Fishbowl is a brand new app that has a ton of promise and it’s very easy to get started. Download the app, create an account, select what industry or discussion groups you want to join, and then post questions and responses to people from across the country. Fishbowl is unique because it addresses a big problem many educators have with social media: a lack of privacy. When you are on Twitter, everything you Tweet can be seen by anyone else. Asking tough and honest questions can be very difficult at times. Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their struggles in their career field with complete strangers. Fishbowl identifies me to other users as Middle School Teacher in Minnesota without sharing my name so I feel like I can be honest with my questions and responses. Definitely check it out!

During this summer, be sure to take some time to unwind, relax, and recharge. Set some goals on what you'd like to learn more about. When you are ready to dive in to the wealth of resources available out there, a great place to start is the list below. Have a great summer! 

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