Do your students enjoy games and puzzles? Do you want those games and puzzles to reinforce the learning experiences in your classroom? Are you looking for a way to engage your students in a fun, exciting way?

Enter BreakoutEDU!  

Breakouts engage students in current classroom content while participating in collaborative tasks requiring critical thinking and problem solving. Success with a breakout depends on students’ abilities to communicate effectively with one another toward a common goal.  

In Shakopee and across the globe, teachers are implementing (and even creating their own) breakout games. It is truly a win-win for students and teachers.  Students get excited when they see the little black boxes and love working to beat the clock. Teachers like that students are using deductive reasoning skills and solving content-based clues.  Oftentimes the success of the group relies on student abilities to communicate effectively and work collaboratively.

Breakout EDU trailer:

How do I get started?

First you will want to decide what your content-specific goals are for the breakout.  If you have not implemented a breakout before, we recommend you submit a DLC request so that someone can help walk you through the steps. DLCs do have access to a wide-variety of a pre-made games that are available with a subscription to the BreakoutEDU platform. There are also free "user-generated" breakout games that you can find by creating an account on the breakout platform. Oftentimes, we can use those games to meet your goals. DLCs also have breakout kits including boxes, locks, UV flashlights, and more.  

I found a game, now what?

Every breakout has a variety of clues that will need to be printed and cut out. Additionally, many of the games use tools like UV pens and UV flashlights to disguise clues from students and increase the rigor of the challenge. As you prep the game, we highly recommend that you work through the challenges and understand how they will be solved.  Because as your students work through the game, you may need to provide a hint to the class.

Once all of the clues and materials are prepped, you should find appropriate locks for your game and set the codes to match those in your game. Often times there are 2 locked boxes in the classroom. One of the boxes will contain a tool (red lens filter or UV flashlight) that is needed to solve one of the clues. Clues prepped? Locks set? You are ready to set-up the classroom and hide clues or hang up materials in the classroom.  

Can I make my breakout digital?  

You can search the Breakout EDU Digital Sandbox to find already-created digital breakouts for many subjects and grade levels. Teaching your students about the United States? Check out this Google Site; it has a digital breakout for the 50 US States.

I have done a breakout before. How can I make my own clues?    

BreakoutEDU has game-creation templates to help you organize a game you create. We highly recommend using them as a way to organize your game as you build it. It is also very beneficial to use as you facilitate the game or use it in subsequent years.

We have also compiled a list of websites you can use to create clues. View that here:

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