Canvas has a number of hidden features that you might or might not have stumbled across. Below you will find 8 different features that you might not have noticed. We will be releasing Vol. 2 of this post soon with 8+ more hidden features. If you have any that you would really like to share, submit a DLC request with your tip for other teachers!

Message students who...

Want to send a message to students that haven’t submitted an assignment? Or that need to redo something because they got a low score? Click the 3 dots along a column, then Message Students Who. 

Reuse Rubrics

Ever want to reuse a rubric you’ve already made? What if you want to use most of a rubric but need to tweak a part of it? You can! Click “find rubric” and you can search for existing rubrics. Change the name of it if you want to tweak it.

Save/reuse rubric comments

Find yourself making the same comments on many student’s assignments? Using rubrics, you can use choose to write free-form comments and then reuse them for every student on that assignment.

Redirect Tool

Did you know you can create custom buttons in your course along the left-hand side? Using the Redirect Tool, you can create a button to a website that you have students use frequently.

Add Page to To-Do List

Pages are versatile tools that allow you to put just about anything on them. You can embed Google slideshowsEdpuzzle videos, and so much more. But you really can’t “assign” them for students to do… Oh wait! Yes, you can! At the bottom of the page when you are editing it, you can check the box to “Add to student to-do” so that they know they need to look at that page.

Differentiated assignments

Anything that is graded in Canvas (discussions, quizzes, assignments) can be assigned to one student, a section, or the entire class. If it is not assigned to a student, they don’t even see it! This can be used for assigning a discussion to one section or an adapted quiz for a few students. Note: If you use this feature, you won’t be able to sync the grades to Infinite Campus.

Duplicate Discussions for separate sections

Do you want each of your classes to have their own discussion thread? Now you can duplicate your discussion topics for each section you teach and then use differentiated assignments to assign it to just one section! Sweet!

Module Requirements

Did you know you can set requirements for students in Modules? In the Modules page, click the three dots, then edit.


You can add prerequisites so students cannot get to a Module without completing something first. You can add requirements to force students to progress sequentially through a Module, submit an assignment, score at least a certain number of points. This can be used to do flipped learning or self-paced learning in your class.


Have you ever accidentally deleted something in your Canvas course? Try the /undelete hack! Go to the end of the URL address and type /undelete.

You will get a screen that shows you items that have been deleted from your course. You can restore these deleted items. If students have submitted to those items, their grades should be restored as well. This is not a fool-proof method, but it can be a great life line if an accident occurs.

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