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What is Infinite Campus/Canvas Grade Syncing?

Canvas has a feature that allows teachers to sync scores for grades from Canvas to Infinite Campus. All scores for graded quizzes, assignments, and discussions can be automatically sent to Infinite Campus.

Important Tips:

  • Scores sync from Canvas to Infinite Campus. They do not sync from Infinite Campus to Canvas. If you choose to sync an assignment in Canvas to Infinite Campus, the point value and name for that assignment must be exactly what you want it to be in Infinite Campus. You cannot edit the point value or name of an assignment in Infinite Campus if it syncs over.
  • If you use differentiated assignments in Canvas (giving different due dates to different sections) or use MasteryPaths, scores will not sync.

Why is this a great tool? 

Syncing grades from Canvas to Infinite Campus will decrease confusion for parents and students and help teachers maintain consistent grade books between both grading systems with minimal effort.

How do I use it?

Scores for any graded discussion, quiz, or assignment can now be automatically synced from Canvas to Infinite Campus. For any of these graded items, you will see a checkbox to enable this sync.

Graded Assignment

Graded Quiz

With this syncing feature, it is very important that you consider which assignments you want to sync. If you click on Assignments in Canvas, you will see a list of every graded item in your course. You will see a smaller check mark next to the "published" checkmark indicating whether that item is set up to sync to Infinite Campus. You can toggle this button for all graded items that have due dates.

If you check the box for "do not count this assignment towards the final grade," you will not be able to sync that score to Infinite Campus. In addition, any assignment that is not graded will also not have a button to allow that item to be synced.

In every Canvas course, you will notice a navigation button called Monitoring and Reporting. Note that this button does not display for students, regardless of whether you hide or disable this button in the course Settings. This button allows you to see the status of the last time your grades synced. Now click on the Sync tab in this window.

Check the box for "Scheduled Daily Sync." This will run your sync daily without you needing to manually sync your grades every time you make a change. If you check the box to sync grades, any assignments in your Canvas course that have a due date and have enabled syncing to Infinite Campus will automatically be created in and synced to Infinite Campus. Note that this process takes longer based on how many scores you are trying to sync.

To force a sync to happen, you can either click the "Submit" button in the Monitoring and Reporting screen or open your gradebook, click Actions, and then click "Sync to Infinite Campus GPB."

Once a graded item is synced to Infinite Campus, you have one thing you need to do in Infinite Campus. The assignment will come over as an “Uncategorized Assignment.” If you notice this message in your gradebook, click on it and select the grading task (term grade) and category that it should be include in for grade calculation in Infinite Campus. You will need to do this for each class period you teach that has scores for that assignment.