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Translations: Spanish / Somali / Vietnamese / Khmer

Daily attendance in Shakopee will be recorded in a very similar way during distance learning.  If your child is sick or otherwise unavailable to participate in a given day, please call the attendance line at your school (see below for attendance line phone numbers by school).

Our main focus, as always, is on student learning, engagement, and safety.  Your child’s teacher(s) will be monitoring these three essential behaviors and will be in contact with you if they have any concerns. 

Attendance Lines by School:

High School (952) 496-5153

Tokata Learning Center (952) 496-5984

East Middle School (952) 496-5703

West Middle School (952) 496-5753

Eagle Creek Elementary (952) 496-5923

Jackson Elementary (952) 496-5803

Red Oak Elementary (952) 496-5953

Sun Path Elementary (952) 496-5893

Sweeney Elementary (952) 496-5833

Central Family Center (952) 496-5003