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The district is in the process of refreshing all staff MacBooks over three years. Follow these directions to see if you're eligible to get a new Mac and how to prepare to swap out your computer.

You are not required to get a new Mac, especially considering the current distance learning circumstances, but it is highly encouraged for eligible staff to schedule a time before the end of the year. 

A regular computer refresh cycle keeps up to date equipment in the hands of staff, allows for better budget planning, and helps the district get more money back in resale value.

We ask you return all adapters, dongles, and hubs/docks used with your old MacBook.

Need more help?

Need help? Submit a ticket to the help desk.

Create via email: Email WHD

Or, call extension 5100.

Check Refresh Eligibility

Check the Staff MacBook Refresh Cycle 2019-2022 spreadsheet for your name to see if you're eligible for a new MacBook. The spreadsheet is split up by year, and you may need to search multiple years to find your name. For example, if a name isn't on the 19-20 tab, it might be listed under 20-21.

If your name isn't listed it will most likely be under Waiting List. That means you will be scheduled to get a new Mac the following school year. The replacement schedule was evaluated by total battery cycles and overall system health. If your Mac is having trouble holding a charge or having significant performance issues, open a help desk ticket by emailing You can be moved up the list with approval on a case by case basis.

Schedule a Time

Open a help desk ticket to schedule a time to get your new Mac. The tech who works with you can provide a few options for pick up depending your current work situation due to distance learning.

When creating a ticket through the web portal use request type Technology > Devices > MacBook - Staff

Back Up Your Mac

Be sure to back up your Mac to make sure all important files are synced to Google Drive before moving to a new Mac. Directions can be found here - By default, your Desktop and Documents folders are backed up. Movies, Music, and Pictures can be optionally included.

Ports and Adapters

We ask you return all adapters, dongles, and hubs/docks used with your old MacBook.

New MacBook Air models come with two USB C ports. We recommend wirelessly casting your MacBook to an Apple TV using AirPlay when possible, but understand AV setups in many rooms are different. Please work with the tech during your computer swap to make sure the new model meets your AV needs. Different projectors, doc cams, and speakers might require different adapters.

The tech department will provide one USB C adapter free of charge. Other adapters or docks are a building or department expense. We have an approved list of supported adapters for most situations. Please check with us first before ordering a component yourself. 

Specialty Software

Almost all software can be installed through Self Service, but there are a handful of speciality apps not available through Self Service. A tech can help install these as part of the Mac swap. Please let them know ahead of time if there's any individual or speciality software you need.