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Summary of Macbook deployment expectations for staff.


Deployment Rule

Next replacement cycle

Certified Staff


Summer 2019, Summer 2020, Summer 2021

TOSA, Deans, Supervisors


Summer 2019



Summer 2019

Admin Support Staff (Admin Assistants at District and Building)

Yes, as needed.

Summer 2019, Summer 2020

Technology Staff


Summer 2019

Anyone else

No, unless a specific request and rationale provided by administrator

As needed.

A note on long term absences versus an official year or longer leave of absence

Staff who are absent due to (for example) a short-term FMLA absence are allowed to hold on to the assigned device during that time.  We provide a device to the long term sub covering the absence. Daily subs use devices from the building sub pool devices.

A board-approved absence of a year or longer requires that devices be returned to the district for the duration of the scheduled absence.  In general, an absence of this nature assumes that the employee is not actively performing work for the district, therefore there is not an obligation to provide a district resource during that time.

Macbook Replacement Cycles Summer 2019-Summer 2021

We will be replacing staff-assigned Macbooks over the course of three years, starting in Summer 2019.  We do not have the funding to replace all of them at once. Each wave of replacements will consider: User role, age of device, and battery health of device.