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Many popular programs have been preapproved and are in a software center for installation without the need for tech administrator support.  Think of it as a "software buffet" where you can select the specific products you would like on your district pc.  Examples of such products include Google Drive (Desktop Application), Google Earth, Turning Point 5, etc.  View this brief tutorial on accessing the software center.

Note: The software center is not accesible from personal devices because you have admin rights to install whatever you wish without approval.

Step-by-step Guide

Click on the "Start" button in the lower left corner of the desktop taskbar

Type "Software Center" in the Search programs and files window.

Click on the software center.

In the upper right corner click on "Find additional applications from the Application Catalog".

Your list of approved programs should then be visible.  Click on the program you wish to install and then click "Install" in lower right hand corner.

Confirm the install.

The install will begin, and you can close out of the windows.  After completed, you will see the program through the "Start" menu and search or scroll for the installed program.

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