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What is Shadow Puppet?

Shadow Puppet EDU enables users to tell digital stories using photos, videos, audio recording, and text.  Photos can be used from the camera roll or searched within the app. You can also use the drawing tool while recording to emphasize a particular part of the photo or story you are telling.   Key words can appear on the screen as you tell your story.

Why is this a great tool? 

  • Creatively demonstrate learning

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Student Voice

  • Easy to use

  • Search for images/maps in the app

  • Introduce or review a specific concept

  • Flipped Lesson

  • Works on the iPad

  • Saves to the camera roll

How do I use it?

Open Puppet Edu App

Create New Project

Select images/videos you want to use from camera roll or other search tools

Reorder your images to the sequence you would like in your presentation. Then choose "Next"

Choose to add background music and text to slides (optional)

Start Recording, narration (optional), and advance through the slides

Save and select "Done" to save video to camera roll