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Lightspeed Relay is the district's web content filter. Sometimes the Relay iPad app unintentionally prevents web sites or apps from loading. This happens when the Relay app fails to update or is interrupted mid-update and as a result all network connections are blocked.

Follow the troubleshooting steps below to cancel the app update. Afterward restart the iPad and the network connection will start working again.

Step-by-step Guide

Find the light blue app named RelaySmartAgent. If the icon is grayed out or says "Waiting..." underneath there's a problem.

Tap and hold (long tap) on the icon. A new menu will pop up. There will be one of two options. 

  • Cancel Download
  • Prioritize Download

Cancel the download if that option is available.

If only Prioritize Download is an option, select it. Afterward tap and hold (long tap) again, and Cancel Download will show up. Cancel the download.

Tap on the Relay app to open it. Check to see that the app is registered to Shakopee Public Schools and the expected is displayed.

Note: If a username (e.g. other than your own is displayed please open a help desk ticket. It's possible your iPad's web traffic will be logged as belonging to another person.

Restart the iPad. Afterward try to browse to a few web sites to check the network connection.

Need more help?

If this article does not help resolve the issue, please submit a ticket.

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