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The primary parent account is set up to receive a weekly e-mail from our Lightspeed Relay Internet filter with details about student Internet activity for the past week.

No action is needed from parents for this.  We will update our parent list in Relay monthly based on the contact information in Infinite Campus at that time. This article provides an overview of a typical report.

Please note K-5 students after school usage can sometimes be reported incorrectly. App updates, system updates, and other device traffic occur regularly during late night hours. Unless you believe your student has brought the device home it is not being used at those times.

We are working with Lightspeed to make reports more accurate and valuable to parents.

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Parent Report E-mail

The e-mails typically are sent late Saturday night.

The sender is identified as Relay <>

The message subject is "How (Your Student) Used the Internet this Week"

Message Details

The message is essentially a series of charts and graphs similar to what is shown below:

Report Notes

Note: The usage percentages listed at the top of this report fall between the following times: Before School (5-8 a.m.), During School (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.), After School (4-8 p.m.), and Late Night (8 p.m.- 5 a.m.).

Odd-looking website names do not necessarily indicate any issue with where students are going, and are more likely sites that deliver images, ads, or other material that is not blocked.