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Direct Dial voicemail set-up.

For phones where the physical phone number and your assigned number are the same (generally true in Elementary; less likely in Secondary buildings).

Phone numbers with direct dial to phone are 5XXX and 87XX numbers.  6XXX extensions are internal only.

The phone number to access voicemail from home:  952-496-5101; from school 5101 or the Voice Mail button on the phone.

Step-by-step Guide

Click Voice Mail button on phone:
"Welcome to the ShoreTel phone system. Please enter your password
followed by #."

Enter: 1234#

"Welcome to your new mailbox. You will now be asked to change your password. Please enter your new password followed by #."
(Must be at least 4 digits)

  • Enter new password + #
  • Re-enter password + # to confirm

"Your new password has been set."

You will now be asked to record your name. Please record your name at the tone; when finished press #.

Record your name + #

You will be given options:

  • If recording is correct press #
  • To review your recording press 1
  • To cancel recording press *

When finished you will hear that your name was recorded and you will be sent to the main menu.

To Log off press 8.

To confirm Log off press 1.

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