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The Microsoft Home Use Program allows you to purchase one copy each of the current version of Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac.

The steps below will get you started on the process.

Currently, each version costs $9.95.

Step-by-step Guide

Go to the Microsoft Home Use Program website.

Enter your work e-mail (the address) and click Submit.

A valid e-mail address should get you to the next page, shown below:

Check your e-mail for a confirmation message from Microsoft.  You'll need to click the Confirm your account link.

You should end up back at the home purchase program site, with purchase options shown.  The screenshot below shows an example where a copy (for Windows) has already been purchased.  

Note that sales are via a digital download (though you can also purchase the backup media for an additional $10.00).  Basically, you download Office and use a license key that is sent to you in order to register the product.

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