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What is Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is a tool that allows you to create a webpage that you can send to people that you want to meet with. This webpage allows people to view your availability based on what you have open on your calendar and book meetings with you. You and your guests will receive email notifications and a calendar invite.

Why is this a great tool? 

This makes booking and scheduling appointments much easier as it allows others to find times that work for them based on when you are available. This eliminates a lot of the back and forth emails of trying to find a good time to meet. 

How do I use it?

Go and click sign in in the upper right corner.

Use your K12 email address and password to sign in.

Click on All Apps (4 boxes in lower left) and find the Microsoft Bookings app. Click on Bookings, then Get it now.

All Apps                    Microsoft Bookings                                        Get it now


In the center of your screen, click on + Add a booking calendar or select your calendar from the list. Name your calendar something that you want others to view such as Mrs. Smith or your name. 

Use the buttons on the left to set up your bookings page. You will want to customize the settings for Booking Page, Staff, Services, and Business Information.


Edit your booking page. Consider customizing the notifications, the time increments that bookings are available to be scheduled at, the lead time (how late/early someone can book you), and more. We recommend that you check the box to require users sign in using Microsoft 365 so people outside the district do not book your calendar.

Click "Save and publish" when done. Copy that link as that link is what people will click on to schedule meetings with you.


Edit the Staff page. If you are using this booking page by yourself, no need to add additional staff. You can add additional staff and customize their hours of availability by clicking the "+Add staff" button.

Edit the Services page. This will let you set up different types of meetings. If you have multiple staff members on your booking page, you can customize the appointment types and make them specific to certain staff.

You might also consider adding a link to a Google Meet in the "Additional Information for Email Confirmation" field when creating services. 

Edit the Business Information page. This lets you set business hours and rename your booking page. Return to your Booking Page settings to get the link you will share with others.

When someone goes to your booking page, they can click on a "service," or type of meeting. Then they choose either the time/date they want or which staff member they want to meet with. It will only show availability based on what is in your calendar and the times that you have made available in your services.

Once they have picked a time and date, they will be required to enter their name and email. They can enter additional information as well.