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Instructions for backing up files on a MacBook.  Note that ideally you are already using Google File Stream to handle the majority of file management and backup.

Step-by-step Guide

Open up Google Drive and click on the New button on the left side of the screen.

Click on "File Upload".

Click on the file you want to upload and click Open. This file will then be uploaded to Google Drive.

Any other files?

You will need to follow the same process for any other files that you want to save that have not already been backed up to Google Drive.

Ex. Documents on your desktop, documents folder, etc.

If you need additional assistance, please stop by the technology help desk at your building.

Need more help?

If this article does not help resolve the issue, please submit a ticket using this ticket type:

Technology > Staff Devices or Student Devices >> MacBook

Create via email: Email WHD