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Loom is screen recording software for Mac and PC. On Mac, Loom requires microphone, camera, and screen recording access. Follow directions below to install and grant access. 

macOS Mojave or higher is required to run Loom. If you are still running an older OS follow these instruction to upgrade - macOS Catalina Upgrade

In some cases Loom setup will not prompt for camera, microphone, or screen recording permissions. Restart your Mac and try again when this happens.

Step-by-step Guide

Install Loom through Self Service.

Open Loom, click on the Loom icon from the top menu bar, and sign in with your district Google account. 

Click through the Loom setup prompts. Accept both microphone and camera access when prompted.

Next click Open System Preferences when prompted.

Check the box next to Loom. You'll be asked to quit Loom. Note you do not need admin rights to enable screen recording. Do not unlock the preference pane first.

You will be asked to Quit Loom before screen recording access works. Select Quit, and then open Loom again.

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