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GarageBand is music production software developed by Apple which comes preinstalled on new consumer Macs. However, to install in a managed environment (like in our school district) requires admin rights. That's why Self Service is leveraged to include additional loops, instruments, and other content.

To install on a district Mac follow the directions below. 

GarageBand is a large application. ~4 GB free space is required. The install can take ~15-20 minutes depending on your connection speed. Also note the version in Self Service requires macOS High Sierra or above.

Step-by-step Guide

Open Self Service and log in as yourself. You can either find Self Service on your dock or from Launchpad.

Search for "garage" or browse to the Music category. Select Install, and then Install again. 

Wait for GarageBand to completely install. Even after GarageBand appears in Applications or Launchpad the install process continues on in the background to include additional loops and instruments. 

Launch GarageBand once Self Service has completed installing it. 

If you see one of the windows below then installation did not complete. Quite GarageBand and try to install again from Self Service. Most likely you did not wait long enough for GarageBand and additional content to install. Installation can take up to 20 minutes. On slower network connections that time could increase. 

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