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Brief comparison of Infinite Campus student records system and Canvas learning management system.

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Infinite Campus


What is it?

   Student Information Database

Who is using it?

   All schools

What will I find there?

  • Report Card Grades
  • Transcript

  • Course Schedule

  • Attendance Records

  • Food Services

  • Health Records

  • State & Local Assessments

How do I set up an account?

Personalized notes for your student come from the school office. Call or stop by at the office at your child's school if you need an activation code.

Example Note: 

Search for Shakopee and enter MN to find our district.

Where do I find helpful notes? 

Go to

Setup Video: 

What is it?

  Online Classroom & Course Materials

Who is using it?

   Secondary (6-12) and Shakopee Online (K-12)

What will I find there?

  • Calendar and To-Do List of upcoming due dates for all courses

  • Assignments and directions

  • Official Gradebook and digital feedback on assignments

  • Students can retrieve and turn in assignments electronically

  • Multimedia (links to resources, videos, audio clips)

  • Discussion threads

  • Quizzes and other tasks to check for understanding of the material

How do I set up an account?

NOTE: You will need a pairing code unique to your student. To receive one, send an email with your child's name to:

If you have a smartphone, use the app. Click the links for step-by-step directions on using the Canvas Parent Apps (Android & iOS)


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