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Common warning or status indicator lights for Hitachi projectors.  May not apply universally to all models; these are the most common indicators.

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Power LightLamp LightTemperature LightDescription
OrangeOffOffStandby mode.
Blinking GreenOffOffWarming up.
Solid GreenOffOffOn and ready.
Blinking OrangeOffOffCooling down - please wait.
Blinking RedVariesVariesCooling down - error detected.
Blinking or Solid RedSolid RedOffLamp failed or overheated.
Blinking or Solid RedBlinking RedOffLamp cover out of alignment.
Blinking or Solid RedOffBlinking RedCooling fan failure - turn off, wait 20 minutes and try again.
Blinking or Solid RedOffSolid RedOverheated - turn off, wait 20 minutes and try again.
Solid GreenBlinking RedBlinking RedAir filter needs to be cleaned.