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This Frequently Asked Questions article addresses a variety of Google Hangouts Meet topics.

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Can the meeting room be inaccessible when I leave it?


To do this, use a nicknamed room.

The only way to create this is to go to, choose the Join or Start a Meeting option, and give the room a nickname.

But what if you want to schedule that room for some time in the future?  

You can’t really do that, since you create the nickname at the same time you create the room.  But, you can choose a nickname that nobody else within the system would use.  So, avoid something too generic. And go ahead and communicate that ahead of time. Students cannot create meeting rooms, so there is not an issue of a student creating a nicknamed meeting before you can.


Can I prevent students from using the chat feature within a meet?


There’s no way to turn this off.  There is no anonymous chat, though.  This is really the digital equivalent of classroom management and setting expectations for appropriate use.  As a district, we are also somewhat in conflict on this point as there are segments of staff and use cases where chat is a desired feature, and other situations where it is seen as undesirable.  Unfortunately, it is not a setting that Google currently allows the meeting organizer to toggle as available or not.