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Moving files to a shared drive has potentially negative consequences. Staff and students can lose access, embedded or integrated work can be lost (Canvas or Seesaw), and previously linked files may break. Be sure users are ready to migrate first.

Files and folders owned by outside users - those without a address -  will not be migrated to a shared drive. This is by design, copies would need to be made instead.

Large amounts of data can take hours to transfer to a shared drive. Every 10k files takes about 1 hour to move.

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Need help? Submit a ticket to the help desk.

Create via email: Email WHD

Or, call extension 5100.

Before moving files or folders to a shared drive, consider the following points:

  • Moving files and folders to a shared drive changes ownership from the user to the shared drive. 
  • When you move a file to a shared drive, only members of the shared drive and people the file is directly shared with can access the file. 
  • If the original owner of a file is in your organization but not a member of the shared drive, they lose ownership but can still access the file as its creator.
  • Files moved to a shared drive don’t remain in other Drive locations, such as My Drive, but are still accessible from the user's Shared with me and Recent views.