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Google at this time does not support a way to view who has access to all your Google folders and files.  If questioning single folder or file please view article: Google Storage My Drive - Who Has Access - Individual

Following steps use a third party tool to scan your Google drive to see who has access to it.

Step-by-step Guide

Scroll down till find "Scan my Google Drive now" button and click it

You will be prompted to sign in to your Google Account

You will be prompted to grant WhoHasAccess permission to your Google Drive, Click Allow

Scan times will vary depending on number of folders and files you own, have access to.  

  • You can browse away from the site, this will not stop the scan.
  • You will receive an email at your Google account once scan is complete

Once receive email click link "Open WhoHasAccess report"

  • Note report is only available for 24hrs from creation

Key areas to look at are:

  • Limit the view to files you own (last item in left column) and access external to our domain (last item in right column)

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