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Technology End of the Year Reminders

Please call the help desk at x5100 with any questions.  If you are not returning to Shakopee Public Schools, there are additional notes at the end of this document for device return and links for Google Takeout (mass file archiving).

Back Up & Clean Up Files: Check to make sure files are being synced to Google Drive.  Here are some notes from Google on how to check those settings.

 Check your StaffShare folder for anything that needs to be cleaned up.

MacBook backup notes if you are still using Google Drive (rather than File Stream); this is for files that are not synced through Google drive.

Recommendation: Move to File Stream.  Since "Backup & Sync" does not support Team Drives, at some point we will not support it here.

iPad backup notes (for files that are not synced elsewhere).

Remote Controls & SmartBoard Peripherals: Any remote controls for TV, projector, or Apple TV should be labeled and placed on or around the hardware or left somewhere reasonably accessible.  SmartBoard peripherals stay with the room. (If a room is being used for summer school, for instance, it is helpful to have the remote available so that it stays in the right room).  

Return any checked-out peripherals: If you borrowed a CD/DVD drive (for instance), make sure it is empty and returned.

Summer storage: If for some reason you are leaving a laptop or iPad assigned to you at school over the summer, please return it to the building tech staff prior to leaving so that it can be stored securely.

Relocating?  If you are moving to a new room or office, please do not swap components between classrooms. Fixed computer hardware, phone & remote controls are often assigned to the room.  If you feel like something needs to be moved please put in a help ticket.

Student Share: Please note that files on Student Share are annually cleaned out entirely.  If there is any data on Student Share you need please make a folder called "migrate-your last name" (example "migrate-Drozd") and move the files into that folder so that we know they should be kept.

Summer Reminders

E-mail: Please check your e-mail from time to time to keep it cleaned up and to stay aware of any summer updates that may affect you.

Summer Device Work

K iPads: No changes.

1st-2nd grade iPads: All will be replaced with iPad 6th generation (full size) model.  1st grade will end up with an additional "crate" style charging stations.  2nd grade will get a charging cart similar to what is found in 3rd-5th grade currently.  

3rd-5th grade iPads: Devices will be wiped, as we have run into issues with running out of space, which is then impacting testing.  

Additional info about end of year device roll-ins will be sent out by tech staff prior to the end of the school year.

Chromebooks: Elementary carts: No changes.  Middle school carts: Refresh 2 carts each at East and West.  CFC, High School, TLC: Some updates or refreshes on hardware to maintain current stock levels.

Phone system: We will be upgrading the phone system this summer.  No specifics available yet; communication will start going out in late May about what is happening, when, and how staff are impacted.

Staff Not Returning

Please return all equipment to a building tech or to the school office if the tech is not available.

Google Takeout: This video walks you through the steps to use Google Takeout, which creates archive files that can be e-mailed to a different account.  Or, refer to Tech Tools notes: Google Takeout.

Need more help?

Need help? Submit a ticket to the help desk.

Create via email: Email WHD

Or, call extension 5100.