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Shakopee employees have two email accounts. You are responsible for tracking and responding to email from both accounts. The easiest way to do this is add Gmail to the Outlook application on your MacBook. Read more here.

All employees should create a professional email signature. This lets the recipient of the message identify who you are including your job position and where you work. This is especially important when communicating with parents.

Other important things to remember about your Shakopee email service:

  • School email is for professional use only.  Sending districtwide emails for solicitation is prohibited.
  • Think before you reply. Use "reply all" only when absolutely necessary.
  • Stay away from fancy photos, fonts, colors, or anything that flashes. 
  • You should attempt to reply to email within 24 hours (or one business day).

Step-by-step Guide

To add or edit a signature in Outlook, go to the Outlook menu and select Preferences. 

In Preferences, find the Signatures icon. 

Select an existing signature (Standard is the default) and click Edit (option 1)
OR click the + button to create a new signature (option 2).

A box will popup where you can create or edit your email signature.

In your signature, be sure to include (minimum):

  • Your Name (as you prefer to be called)
  • Your Position
  • Shakopee Public Schools
  • Your Building(s)

Reference this Style Guide for additional information.

You can rename your signature if you choose.
When you are finished, be sure to Save your changes.

The last step is assigning your new signature to your email account. Highlight the signature you want then select the appropriate drop-down options. 

If you have added your @shakopeeschools Gmail address to Outlook you should be sure to assign a signature to that email account as well. Visit this page to learn about adding Gmail to Outlook.

Optional: Create a different signature for replies.

Optional: If you would like to access email from your phone or tablet, follow these directions.

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