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Your e-mail signature is a form of branding for the district.  There is some variation of opinion on the best approach to this, so a few options will be presented here.  The best option is to set up multiple signatures and use them as needed for the audience you are communicating with.

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District Branding Guide

Here's the official word from the Communications department:

When communicating through email, your words and the look of your email convey a strong message. Customers, vendors and associates will judge not only the content, but also the look of your email and your email signature.

To maintain a consistent and professional appearance for your emails, embed the district logo in your email. Files can be found on the communications portion of the district website.  Here is how to do it:

How to embed a graphic in Outlook:

Signature without a logo

While the logo is good for branding, it is not always necessary.  The technology department recommends having a second signature option (multiple signatures can be set up in Outlook) without the logo.  This reduces some of the clutter when replying back and forth to a message, and also reduces the number of message attachments (since every image is treated as an attachment).  

An example of a signature with a variety of pertinent info might look like this:


Title or Position

Shakopee School District

O: 952-496-#### 

C: ###-###-####

F: 952-496-####

T: @Twitteraccount

O for office number, C for cell, F for fax, T for twitter account.  You can also include a relevant website link, such as your teacher homepage or a departmental page on the district website.