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Shakopee Schools are fully 1:1 for student devices this year (2020-2021).  That means we are assigning every student from grades K-12 with a device to use.

Students in grades K-8 use an iPad.  Students in grades 9-12 use a MacBook Air.  All devices are issued with a charging cable and block.  All iPads are issued with a rugged device case which should remain on the device at all times.  All MacBooks are issued with a padded sleeve or bag. 

This fall, we are hoping to make device distribution as easy and touch-free as possible.  The information below about device deployments applies to all of our students, regardless of whether they are learning in the “IHD” model or as part of the Shakopee Online Program.

For Shakopee Online Program students, device pick-up happens at the school a student would normally attend in person.  Given that we have over 1700 students registered for that program, this was the most organized way for us to distribute devices and avoid having to visit multiple locations.  

We have tried to coordinate device pick-ups with any material pick-ups, open houses, or other events at the schools.  If you are unable to pick up a device at a scheduled time, please contact the school office to arrange a pick-up.  If a drop-off is required, please work with the school office to make those arrangements.

Need more help? for student submitted ticket. for parent submitted ticket.

Phone: (952) 697-8701

K-5 Device Roll-outs


September 8th & 9th (Connect & Assess Days)


  • IHD Student devices picked up from classrooms as part of Connect & Assess meetings.
  • Shakopee Online Program devices will be available for pick-up from school gym (usually lower level entrance).


Kindergarten students: Issued a good to excellent condition used iPad.

1st grade students: Re-issued iPad from Kindergarten.

2nd grade students: Issued a new iPad (2nd grade is a device refresh group).  Any 2nd grade students who still have their device from 1st grade should return it.  Dropping off a 1st grade device during a pick-up time is fine.

3rd grade students: Re-issued iPad from 2nd grade.

4th grade students: Re-issued iPad from 3rd grade.

5th grade students: Re-issued iPad from 4th grade.

Some students had specific permission to hold on to devices over summer for certain summer school programs, tutoring, or other services.  In most cases, no action is needed if that was your situation.  2nd grade is an exception as noted above.  

In the Hybrid or Distance Learning model, chargers should remain at home (it is okay to mark or somehow label a charger to distinguish it as a school charger).  Please charge the device each evening!  If and when the district returns to an in-person model, chargers should be returned to school.

In the Hybrid model, devices are expected to be traveling with the student to and from school and to be available to the student on “at-home” days.  

East and West Middle School Device Roll-Outs


August 24, 12-6: Open House event

August 27, 3-6: Open House event

August 28 - Sept 4: Arrange pick-up with school office.

September. 8 & 9: Any remaining devices for IHD students deployed in class (hybrid model).  If we are in distance learning model, we will be contacting households to arrange a pick-up or drop-off.


All 6th grade and newly enrolled 7th and 8th grade students: Issued a new iPad (6th grade) or excellent condition used iPad (7th and 8th grade).

Any 6th grade students who still have their iPad from 5th grade should return it.  Dropping off a 5th grade iPad during a pick-up time is fine.

High School Device Roll-Outs

High School device pick-up will mostly take place in the Innovation Hub (exceptions noted below).  Enter the school through the main entrance office area.  For new students not yet familiar with the building - The Innovation Hub is located just beyond the large open space referred to as the commons area, just to the left of the “learning stairs”.  


Prior to start of school year

August 17, 12-7

August 18, 7-2

August 19, 10-5

August 20, 8-3

August 25, 8-3

August 26, 12-7 (also 9th grade Picture day) 

August 27, 10-5

August 28, 7-2

First week of school

September 8th – September 11th, 7:30 - 3:30.  

Remainder of school year 

An appointment made via the help desk (e-mail is recommended to ensure staff are available to deploy a device.  This will happen in the tech office, room C300, during regular school hours (7:30-3:30).


All 9th grade students are issued a new MacBook Air.  All new 10th-12th grade students are issued a good to excellent condition used MacBook Air.  

Any 9th grade students who still have an iPad and charger from 8th grade should return it.  Dropping off an 8th grade iPad and charger during a pick-up time is fine.