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In order to reduce the amount of paperwork we need to send out and process, we now have the option to review and complete the Digital Device Agreement within the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

The Digital Device Agreement appears as a survey.  The actual paperwork is linked from within the survey for parent review.  Responses to the paperwork are then collected via the survey tool.

Here’s what the email looks like.  It’s a fairly standard Infinite Campus message.  We may add a little more detail prior to email going out, but this gives you the idea.

Upon logging into the portal, the message center would include a Surveys tab whenever an active survey is available to be completed.  Clicking on the survey link opens it.

Survey Intro screen:

Page 1 and first response item; check yes and click next page:

Page 2 and second response item; select an expected insurance option and click Complete Survey.

Survey Completion page.  Click Close Survey.

Once completed and submitted, the Survey tab in Message Center goes away.