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What is Desmos Activity Builder?

Desmos Activity Builder at allows you to create interactive activities with the Desmos Calculator. You can create slides with a question prompt or task and send your slides to your students with a class code at This is a math teacher favorite, but tools like card sorts and Polygraph (a digital Guess Who game) make this a tool that has been used by multiple subject areas in Shakopee.

Why is this a great tool? 

The teacher dashboard makes it easy to share student work to allow students to see multiple ways to solve a problem from other students. Address misconceptions you see in real-time. Use digital manipulatives like graph screens, sliders, and card sorts to create tasks that allow students to make sense of concepts through exploration and discovery. There are opportunities collaboration built in such as allowing students to see each others responses and explanations or doing a Polygraph activity. You can also have them collaborate face to face while working on a task or send "experts" out around the room when you see they have a good strategy to share.

How do I use it?

Create an Account or Sign In: Go to and sign up with your school Google account.

Choose "Custom" activity on the left.

Click "New Activity" on the top right.

Add a title and Start Building!

Click on what you want to add to the slide using the buttons in the middle. You can create as many slides as you want.

Once you are finished creating, click , then .

Create a class code for your students and click on the class code to get a link to the activity.