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Home Pages in Canvas are the first place that a student or parent will land when they enter your course. It's important to include the name of the course and instructor as well as contact information such as an email address. Once you have the essentials, there are plenty of great options to choose from to build out your content. Read the steps below and explore the links to get your home page up and running!

1.) Select a home page template from Commons or create one from scratch by going to the Pages button, clicking "view all pages," and clicking "+ Page." The video below shows you how to get a template from Commons.


2.) Select that page as your "Home Page." This process takes a few clicks so be sure to watch the video carefully. 



3.) Edit your home page with relevant and accurate information about your course. Change the templates so that they reflect your course name, instructor name, and your email address. 


4.) Once you have a home page you like, you can copy it into other courses that you teach. This process is the same process you would use to copy content from a Master course to your own course. Watch this video to learn how to do this process.


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