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What is Canva?

Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, brochures, invitations, Twitter cover photo, Pinterest post, and just about any other graphic image you'd like to create!

Why is this a great tool? 

Canva is a simple to use graphic design tool. There are tutorials provided to walk a use through graphic design strategy. Templates exist to start from and the drag-and-drop interface is uncomplicated. 

How do I use it?

If using a Macbook or Chromebook, go to to launch Canva and create an account.
If you are on iPhone or iPad, download the app.

Choose an existing template to work from, or start from "scratch" by choosing "Use custom dimensions".

Once you choose the design you want to work with, change colors, fonts and images by utilizing tools on left. You may use images from their collection (some do have a fee), or you may upload images of your own.

Once you feel your image is complete, go to "Download" and choose which format you wish you export your image.