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The Canon Multi-Function Printer (MFP) can be used for faxing.

Step-by-step Guide

Select Scan and Send option.

Then select New Destination.

Select I-Fax.

Sending a fax is like sending an e-mail, because that is essentially what is happening.

Enter the full 10 digit recipient number.  You do not need an extra 9 in front of the number.

The system will automatically append "" to the number.  This is for the RingCentral faxing service, which is what the district uses.

After entering the number, you can go ahead and send.  However, if you want a confirmation message that the item was sent, there are a couple more steps.

For setting up a Confirmation message, start by selecting Options.

Page down through this screen and select Job Done Notice

Select the option to Send to Myself.

Select OK.  Press the green button (Start) on the copier to finish and send the fax.

It is always best practice, if you are concerned about whether a fax has been received, to call the intended recipient and verify that they have received it.

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