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What is Book Creator for iPad?

Book creator is an iPad app that allows students to create an eBook they can share with a public audience. Students can create pages with text, images, drawings, video, and audio. There are also comic book-style templates that you can use to create amazing looking projects. Additionally, a teacher can create a book creator project and give it to their students as template that they can edit. All projects can be saved and exported as ePub, PDF, or videos and turned into Canvas or Seesaw. 

*Updated 9/12/18: The latest update to book creator also allows for iframe embedding as well as maps. 

Why is this a great tool? 

With Book Creator, teachers can use it to create books or templates for their students. Students love this tool because it's easy to learn and they can add creative media such as images and videos. Students will be able to practice written and oral communication and create amazing stories and/or demonstrations of their learning.

How do I use it?

Open the Book Creator App, and choose from the "+" menu at bottom, select "New Book"

Choose from the standard book templates, or choose from the comic book styles in the bottom section.

Tap the "+" symbol to access multiple tools to add content to your page.

By tapping "More", you'll see additional content options appear.

After you've added text, images, or other content, you can adjust the styling of the item as well as page, by tapping "i". Adjust appearing of selected item by choosing from tool options.

Tap the arrow to add additional pages to your book.