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Troubleshooting steps to try if you do not see the expected Apple TV in the list of available devices in AirPlay.

Step-by-step Guide

Try turning bluetooth Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 8.11.33 PM.pngoff and back on again.   Click the bluetooth icon, turn bluetooth off, then click it again and turn it on.  Wait about 30-60 seconds for list of Airplay devices to repopulate.

If that did not work:

Try turning wi-fi off and on again.  Similar to the bluetooth steps, click the wi-fi icon, turn wi-fi off.  Wait a few seconds and turn it back on again.

If that did not work:

Try unplugging the Apple TV (if you can access the plug) and plug it back in again.

If unable to do so or none of these steps helped make the Apple TV device show up in the list of available AirPlay devices, please submit a help ticket.

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If this article does not help resolve the issue, please submit a ticket.

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