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What is Apple Classroom?

Apple Classroom is a classroom management and monitoring tool for use with a classroom full of iPads. It allows you as the teacher to see which iPads are in the room, open (and lock) students in an app of your choosing, open a website or iBook for all students, and even monitor and display their device to the classroom.

Why is this a great tool? 

Apple Classroom is great for sharing student work with the entire class without having to ask them to AirPlay and enter a code. It can also speed along transitions in the classroom. For example, if you need to make an announcement to the entire class, you can blank their screens temporarily. Or when you are taking a quiz in Canvas, you can lock them into the app so they cannot leave it to look at notes in other apps. It also can be used if you have a couple students in your class that tend to get off task or wander, you can monitor what they are doing or guide them to a specific app to help them stay on track.

How do I use it?

Download Classroom from Self Service. Note that only the teacher needs to download this application. Students do not have access and do not need the Classroom app. Ensure that you and your students have Bluetooth turned on for their iPad (check Settings).

Open the app and create a name you would like students to see, such as Mrs. Smith. Then tap on "create class."

Give your class a name and then choose and icon and color of your choice. Secondary teachers should use different colors for different class periods.

Once your class is created, tap on "add students."

Important: Do not leave this screen until all students have added themselves. Tell your students the code displayed on your screen.

On the student's iPads, they should go to Settings. A button called Classroom should appear just below Bluetooth. If your students do not see the Classroom button display on their iPads, it is because the teacher iPad has not joined the SabersWireless wifi network correctly. You will need to submit a help desk ticket to resolve this issue.

On the student's iPad: Once students have tapped on the Classroom settings, they will be prompted to enter their name and the 4 digit code that is on the teacher's iPad. Once the student clicks "add," they are done.

On the teacher's iPad: Once all students have joined your class, tap "add." If you had a student missing or absent, you can add students at any time. Just note that the join code will change each time.