I want to share a story with you which I think explains a lot about me as an educator. It greatly changed the course of my career and influenced me to become a Digital Learning Coach. More importantly, I hope it convinces you to join us at Shakopee High School on April 27th for Edcamp Twin Cities!

In the Spring of 2012, I was a 2nd year teacher at Shakopee Middle School teaching Social Studies. Having just found out that I would be moving buildings and grade levels to start teaching geography, I knew I needed help finding resources to expand my horizons. So what’s the obvious next step? I joined Twitter, of course!

After following some edu-famous educators on Twitter, I stumbled upon something called Edcamps. Edcamps are “unconferences” where the participants create the schedule for the day based on what they want to know, share, or discuss with other educators from the area. After doing a little searching, I was excited to hear that Edcamp MSP would be taking place just a few weeks after I joined Twitter. Check out my very first Tweet back in 2012!

Twitter 101: always have a hashtag or no one will notice your tweet.

EdCampMSP was awesome, to say the least. I did not feel like I had much to share as a 2nd year teacher, but I quickly realized that if you are passionate about something, you have a voice that others should hear. I made some long-lasting connections that day from other districts, vastly grew my Twitter PLN, discovered amazing tools like Flipgrid and Earthducation, and learned how to leverage YouTube to curate playlists around topics for my course. More importantly, I learned how to learn about new resources through Twitter and my newly discovered PLN.

I left EdCampMSP feeling so empowered and inspired and I want everyone I know to share in that experience. EdCamps are incredible opportunities for educators to collaborate and learn from each other. Everyone has ideas and expertise to share. But EdCamps are only as good as the participants that attend. That’s why I encourage you to come to EdCamp Twin Cities hosted at Shakopee High School!

To register, click here. Check out our website here. Follow @EdCampTC on Twitter!

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