Having an authentic audience is integral in engaging students in real-world work. When students know that it’s not just their parents, teacher, or classmates watching, they often step up their game. In Shakopee, our Authentic Learning Framework identifies authentic audiences as a means to receiving critical feedback in order to refine ideas and create truly meaningful learning experiences.

Below are some contests that have really cool prizes and large authentic audiences as well as some digital tools you can use every day.





Creative Storm Video Contest 2018

Put a little creativity into a video teaching any concept one might encounter in elementary, middle, or high school, and keep it to 90 seconds or less. It can be about sculpture, negative numbers, supply and demand, alternative energy, adverbs, or anything else for which you have a clever insight. Open to students, teachers, or a collaboration between the two.

Nov. 16th (scoring bonus) or Dec. 14th


3D Storytelling Competition

Write a short story and design a 3D model of your character using Tinkercad.

Oct. 10th, 2018


Student Blogging Challenge

The challenge is made up of a series of 10 weekly tasks all designed to improve blogging and commenting skills, while connecting students with a global audience.

Starts Oct. 7th and runs for 10 weeks


Google Science Fair

  1. Find a problem you’d like to solve.

  2. Think up ideas and select the best one.

  3. Explore your solution by testing it out.

  4. Share your results.

Dec. 12th, 2018




Skype in the Classroom

Using your K12 email account, you can sign into Skype in the Classroom. You can create a profile to connect with other teachers around the world and do a Mystery Skype.

Connected Classrooms

Using your Google account, you can join this Google+ community to connect with other educators to do a Google Hangout.

Flipgrid GridPals

Create a Flipgrid account and then create a public profile where you and your students can connect with teachers from across the planet. Think pen pals... but with video!

Seesaw Connected Blogs

Create a blog using posts to Seesaw and then connect with another classroom to give each other comments and feedback. Use this list to find classrooms all over the world!


Create a class blog using a robust blogging tool created for teachers and students. Use it to blog and share student work on the Internet to receive critical feedback and connect with others.

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