When we work with teachers one of the common things we hear is that time is a commodity in short supply.  So we would like to highlight the Seesaw Activities feature to help you SAVE time in the classroom and meet your instructional needs as well.  Seesaw Activities can be used to differentiate your instruction, give pre-assessments, collect exit tickets, or administer formative assessments to drive instructional decisions in your classroom.

What are Seesaw Activities?  

Basically, they are digital assignments posted to Seesaw.  You can assign an activity to entire class, or if you would like to differentiate, you can assign an activity to specific students.  The activities are viewable by the students assigned to complete the activity. Seesaw Activities would easily fit into a station- or center-based instructional setting with one of the rotations set-up for Seesaw Activities.

Do I have to make my own Activities?  

You can make your own activities that are specific to your class, curriculum, and learning goals.  

But we recommend that you start by checking out the Seesaw Activity library.  Over the past 6-9 months, it has grown and developed at an exponential pace. In fact, within the library, you can search for activities by grade and subject. One thing to note about activities in the library is that they can be be use “as is” from the library and shared with 2-3 clicks.  Or they can be tweaked to meet more specific needs in your classroom.

Are there any Seesaw Activities with basic templates that I can use?

Why yes, there are!  This is definitely worth your time exploring. It is like a trip to Target when you end up with way more than you went in to get.  You will find incredible resources that are ready for you with minimal time invested.

By clicking on this link, you will be directed to activities for each subject area with graphic organizers, math activities/games, sight word assessments, puppet pals for digital storytelling, and so much more.    

Can K-2 classrooms with shared iPads use Activities?  

Yes!  Please reach out to a DLC to talk through the various sign-in methods.  We can help you determine what settings will work best for you and your students.  

Want to get started but don’t know where to begin?  

You have a few options.  

You can put in a DLC request for a member of our team to come work alongside you to implement this amazing instructional tool.  We are happy to plan, co-teach, and coach you through any new instructional practices using gradual release.  

You can also give it a try on your own. :-) Search the Seesaw Activity Library. Save and share it with your class.  If you get stuck, you have DLCs who are more than willing to help you navigate through it.   

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